Copper & Crystal Trios

Copper & Crystal Trios

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Handmade mini copper and crystal sets are perfect for attracting and manifesting your intentions! Copper is a powerful conductor of energy and is used to super charge the crystals and your intentions. Great to travel with and take your intentions with you.

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom + Obsidian: Self Awareness+ Apophyllite: Stimulates pineal gland.

Crystals: Rose Quartz: Self Love + Fluorite Octahedron: Compassion + Amazonite: Truthful Heart.

Crystals: Rainbow Fluorite: Universal Conciousness + Almandine Garnet: Regenerative + Smokey Quartz: Grounding & Stabilizing.
Each crystal for these mini sets are chosen with purpose and love by Reiki master and crystal healer Donna Freeman. The copper disc is engraved with powerful symbols and words: ELEMENTS symbols: Air, Water, Earth, Fire; LOVE and EYE symbolizes awareness. Each one designed by The FFS.
Made in the USA

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