What is Lash Shed & How to Beat It

Beat the shed

Have you noticed that your hair and lashes are falling out more rapidly during some months of the year than others? You are not wrong, my friend.

As with all animals that roam the planet Earth, we too, experience what we call the shed season. While it's not entirely explained, we think that the reason for this extreme shedding is our evolutionary responses to the seasons. As we head into the colder (or hotter) months, our body prepares itself for the change. In the summer we will shed our "summer coat" to begin the process of growing in a warmer "winter" one. This noticeably happens twice a year - around fall to prepare for winter (August-October) and spring time (February-April) to get ready for summer.

New York–based dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Fenton explains it like this when Nutrafol reaches him to discuss seasonal hair shedding: “There is research that has shown there is some seasonality to shedding. One study showed that human hair has the highest number of hairs in the telogen phase [the resting phase, editors note] in July, and a second smaller peak in April. Hairs in the telogen phase generally fall out 100 days later, which means that people see shedding at the end of the summer and into the fall. These hairs are not necessarily lost forever. As a healthy hair follicle will eventually cycle back into its growth phase. The reason for this isn’t entirely clear. Some postulate that it is based on evolution, creating more hair in the summer to protect the scalp”, says Dr. Felton.

How to Beat the Shed

When it comes to lashes, the shed season can be a very noticeable and frustrating one. But, don't you worry. We got 3 easy tips to help your lashes look fuller and more gorgeous than ever.

1. Longer Fills. Our gals love their 60 minute fill. It's the most popular one that we offer and it's quite perfect for that 2 or 3 week lash fill. However, while in shedding mode it's advisable to extend your visit by 30 minuted ensuring that you leave with the fullest lashes possible. This option may not be for everyone.

2. More Frequent. If you notice that your wear time is shorter during these troublesome months we encourage our Foxes to come in more frequently between fills while their natural lash growth stabilizes.

3. Home Care. A good home care routine for your lashes is always recommended for the very best lash extension experience. It is especially important during the shed season to ensure that you are keeping your lashes squeaky clean, thoroughly brushed, and stimulated for the best natural lash health.

Final Words

There is not much we can do about the seasonal shedding season but there are ways to get the best results possible. How do you deal with the shed? Leave a comment below.

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