Lash Extensions Cause Lash Damage - MYTH BUSTED

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

The most infamous myths about lash extensions is that they cause damage to your natural lashes. Or worse yet, make them fall out! Let’s get the story straight.

Lash extensions do not cause damage! I repeat, lash extensions do NOT cause damage to your natural lashes!!! Our industry has come so incredibly far in safety and technology that if your lashes are damaged then fire that lash technician and never look back.

One of the common reasons many clients with this belief is the myth is all too real! Some unfortunate souls have gone through some traumatic experiences with a no good technicians and learned hard lessons. A bad experience with lash extensions is usually not with the lash extensions themselves as much as the technician applying them. It usually involves pain, pulling, stinging, swelling, and even serious infections during and well after the service.When weak lashes are lashed with heavy lashes (ratio issues) or when young lashes (anagen stage) are lashed before their time or when isolation is an issue (technique or tool issue) you are likely to experience lash and follicle damage. A professional lash tech knows the ins and outs of the lashing game. And that includes your own natural lashes. So, do your diligence and make sure your artist is licensed, experienced, and has good reviews.

The other, less scary, reason some believe this myth is that once the extensions come off the difference is drastic. If, for whatever reason, you decide to take a break from your lash extensions even with the shortest Classic Sets it’s really difficult to journey back from extensions back to your au naturel self. The look is as drastic as the day you got your extensions but not in a good way this time. This is especially true for our blondes and older clientele with thin and worn lashes.

The client in this photo never had lash extensions in the "Before" photo. Her lashes are naturally sparse and very, very light.

The truth is, if your lash tech is experienced, a hygiene freak, has an eye for perfection, and is dedicated with a furious passion then you know you've found the right lash extensions artist (hint, hint; wink, wink).

I’ll go one step further if I dare. . . Most of my clients have experienced lash growth! Yes, you read right. The health and volume of their natural lashes improved drastically!!! As a result we are able to lash more and more healthy, strong lashes with more coming in every day. What’s good about that besides the obvious? Darker, fuller lash sets and longer lash extension retention!

How’s that for a piece of good news? Now go tell your friends because sharing is caring.

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