How to Make Your Mascara Last for Weeks (w/o mascara)

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

The idea of #wakinguplikethis is one that fids it's into all of our heads at one time or another. Who doesn't want to wake up gorgeous!? Imagine, a day with no smudging or a night with no running for that fabulous raccoon look. Better yet, a morning without the tedious layer after layer of mascara coats.

We know a better way. Just think, waking up looking stunning. A full lash line that is ready for the day before you even brush your teeth? Yes, it’s possible! Let me clarify. . .

Lash extensions are a semi permanent lash technique that allows for 2-4 week continuous wear. Not only do they make you look polished and gorgeous at all times, they will also save you time and hassle in your busy morning. Here are some more lash extension facts you might not know:

  • Lash extensions DO NOT damage your natural lashes when applied by a professional technician. Read more on why damage from lash extensions is a myth. . .

  • Lash extensions actually promote good lash growth due to good hygiene, careful aftercare, and proper maintenance.

  • Lash extensions come in an endless variety of styles so you are sure to have the best looking, personalized for your eyes set.

  • Lash extensions are inspired by artificial lashes, a technique developed in 1902 by a famous hair stylist and inventor, Karl Nessler. Read more at Sugar Lash Pro.

  • Lash extensions fall out along with your natural lashes once it reaches the last stage, the telogen stage if it’s life cycle.

  • Lash extensions are made from polyester no matter what fancy brand technicians use.

  • Lash extension adhesive is made for human use, is medical grade (making it extremely safe when used correctly) and DOES NOT contain formaldehyde. It is not an ingredient that is added at the time of production. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is accompanied by the adhesive break down. Formaldehyde is found at much higher concentrations in numerous household products that we use every day. Examples of common household products that include more formaldehyde than most reputable distributors (like Extreme Lash, Bella Lash, Nova Lash, Borboleta or Sugar Lash Pro) include Gerber Baby Wash, Elmer’s School Glue, wooden furniture and flooring, carpets, clothing fabric, gas stoves, and drapery. Formaldehyde is even found naturally in the human body.

  • Lash extensions made of real mink hairs are made by brushing animal fur and collecting individual hairs suitable for lashes. However, real mink extensions will not last nearly as long as the industry standard lash extensions. They cost in the $600-800 range and you can expect to pay $150+ for the fills on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Now that you got your education in, you can confidently book your appointment or call me at 732-702-1333.

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