Getting the Most Out of Your Lash Appointment

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Getting the most out of your lash extension appointment

Don't you just love lash day? First set or millionth fill, it's almost always a mini-holiday for our Foxes.

At Fox Theory Spa we take every measure to provide you with the warmest, most welcoming environment and result driven treatments. From a soft memory foam bed that is warmed just right to the enchanting aromas that delight and transcend your every expectation you can be sure that no detail has been overlooked to make your time here a perfect mini get-away. We are always 100% prepared for your time with us making every minute you spend with us count. Our tools, our supplies, our working method... all are ready to go so we can spend our time doing what we do best - lashing those lashes.

Aren't you glad you've finally found your soulmate lash tech right here at Fox (read: 11 Ways To Find Your Lash Tech Soulmate here)?

The following recommendations will make you one of our favorite Foxes because they'll help us get even more precious minutes out of our time together.

Best Appointment Ever

Clean Lashes. Whether your lash appointment is the last one of the day or first thing in the morning, please come with your lashes freshly washed. Yes, I will deep cleanse them again once you get here but having the cleanest possible canvas (your natural lashes and extensions) moments prior to application will ensure that you have the longest possible wear out of your lash extensions. And remember, makeup, oil, sweat, dust, pollution all create a barrier between the lash and extension which will surely result in adhesive breakdown and premature lash extension shed.

Potty time. Lash extension services are almost always an hour or more. It's highly advised to use the restroom right before your lash appointment to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Keep in mind that your eyes will be taped in all sorts of ways which will make going to the bathroom during your service very difficult. So, please, wether you feel like you need to or not, better safe than sorry and missing out on precious lashing minutes.

Avoid caffeine. If you have trouble falling asleep, tend to get fidgety, itchy or twitchy we highly recommend saving your coffee and any other caffeinated beverages for after your lash appointment.

Spit out the gum. We really appreciate your efforts in keeping your mouth minty fresh for our close encounter but chewing really moves a whole lot of muscles in your face. This, in turn, causes your eye muscles to move and twitch making it extremely difficult to isolate and place lashes as a pro would. So, spit that gum out and if you are really worried about your breath, ask your tech for a face mask.

Silence your phone. There are many things your lash tech is doing while your eyes are close. We are also doing all those things with both of our hands. This means that by answering your calls or replying to your texts for you during your appointment the lashing part of things slows down drastically. Just think, instead of placing that extra lash, your tech is reading your caller ID or moving her equipment to reach your answer button. Either way, it's your time, and it's probably best left to lashing. Additionally, talking animates your facial muscles and slows down our work (see spit out the gum section above).

Rest your voice. Catching up with our clients is one of our favorite things to do. We love to know how you're feeling these days, how the family is, and what that mean co-worker has been up to but to get the most out of your fill time we really try to keep our chats short. We mean no disrespect by our silence but when we are working our magic we are in a ZONE! And for the healthiest application of the most beautiful lashes, the zone is exactly where a great lash tech needs to be.

Take a nap. There is probably no need to explain this one. Who needs a reason to nap? Not me. But, if you're wondering what the benefits are a. you get to nap, b. you are still as a sleeping beauty thus making it very easy for the lash tech to work her magic, c. your appointment time will fly by, d. you wake up with gorgeous lashes, and e. you get a NAP! And don't worry, we've probably heard all the snoring and sleep mumbling.

Listen up. If you're not one for naps (who even are you?!?!) may we suggest listening to your favorite podcast or audio book. If you haven't heard of Audible yet, you're in for a treat. You'll even get your first book absolutely FREE. After napping, this is the best way to spend your time during your lash appointment. A 60 minute guided meditation is also something wonderful to do for the soul.

Final Words

We will make sure that you are as comfortable here as possible. We will adjust the bed temperature to your perfect setting, the music to the most soothing volume, the scents subtle but enough to carry your senses away, and make every second of your appointment count. Just remember, the more prepared we both are for the appointment the better your lash outcome is.

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