11 Tips for Finding Your Lash Technician Soul Mate

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Finding Your Lash Tech Soulmate

Let's face it, not all lash artists are created equal. Like any other industry, the lash extension one has many, many incredibly talented artists who take pride and passion in their work. Lash technicians who live and breathe lashes, adhesive, technique, and anything else related to the subject of eyelashes. With that said, there are many who are greedy and uncaring to the health of the client or the spa/salon.

But don't worry! We've got you covered… all you have to do to find your lash technician soul mate is check off the following list. When all the boxes are clicked, you have found THE ONE!

  1. Educated. First thing's first. Your lash tech that will spend the better time of your service holding two very sharp objects near your very delicate eyes and so must, very much, know what she or he is doing! They must know about the skin and its cells, lash-lines, hair growth and cycles, and just about anything to do with the orbital area. They must know how to properly prepare for the service and client in order to provide a safe lash extension service. This lash extension technician must know how to tape, bathe, prep, set, isolate, dip, and direct the extension. They must know how to apply all lash weights and know when to use each weight appropriately. They must provide you with detailed instructions on how to take care of your lash extensions once you get home for the best experience possible as well as maintaining the health of your natural lashes.

  2. Clean. Cleanliness is a must in a lash extension business. Dealing with delicate things like human eyes it is necessary that lash technicians take the appropriate measure to disinfect their tools, keeping the area properly sanitized and disinfected after each client. So make mental notes when scoping out your future lash tech, are her nails clean? did she wash her hands before the appointment? are her tools sterilized and properly put away? Those are the signs of a professional that cares about the safety of her clients and you can rest easy while you are taking your lash nap.

  3. Passionate. This is a must. If you truly want to find a soulmate of a lash artist she must be all things lash passionate. There is no way around it. If the lash tech doesn't care you'll know. Your gut will know. And yes, you can get good work out of people who just get paid for what they do. But, when you deal with passionate people your gut KNOWS it! This is one of the biggest things that one must possess in order to bring genuine quality to their work. To Meraki is to do lashes with passion. It is what we do. And it is what we hope your lash tech does too.

  4. Creative. Creativity brings inspiration and keeps the line of boundary moving. This creativity pushes the limits of what we think we can do tomorrow and bring it into reality today. Creative lash techs, combined with creative clients, are some of the fiercest people we know and we love their passion and leadership. Being part of this breathtakingly creative industry is an amazing outlet for any visionary, especially one with a knack for everything eyelashes.

  5. Professional. Making pretty lashes is a passion? Check! Clean as can be? Check. Being bold and creative? Check! But there is a business side to all this glitz and glam. A lash technician must be a professional who is able to assist clients through lash care education, reserve client bookings, provide or suggest amazing aftercare products and help update any appointments. A professional lash tech will have a filling system in place and keep updated client history. Your perfect lash tech will have their policies to keep things running smoothly and make it easily available for your review at any time. A website with information on services, testimonials, blog, and other info is a sign of a lash tech who is serious in their career path.

  6. Punctual. A good lash tech is a busy lash tech. A lot of times, there really is no room for error when there are bookings back to back. So having a lash artist who shows up to work on time as well as keeping her appointments running on time is a must!

  7. Caring. Your lash tech doesn't have to be your best friend but they should care about their clients. When you feel like you've just walked through a revolving door, I say, keep walking on through and keep the search alive. You should feel like you are a sleeping beauty while receiving your services. Your lash technician may ask if you are warm enough. They may provide a blanket. She might even take the time to elevate your feet and diffuse the air with enchanting smells of essential oils. Seeing these little touches shows that this one's a keeper.

  8. Honest. Ethics should be at the core of every interaction of business and our everyday lives. The integrity of the natural lash line health should be at the core of every lash technicians consultation and service. Damage is hard to reverse and, at times, nearly impossible. We see too much reckless work out there with .2/18mm lashes applied to lashlines barely strong enough to withhold a .1/10mm. As a lash tech, it makes me cringe. And cry a little on the inside. What's scary is that some of these techs know what they are doing is wrong and yet the client is the one that pays for it in the long (or short) run when they end up with bald spots. Honesty is the best policy. Whether your lash line is too weak for lash extensions or that you should take a break, a lash professionals job is to let you know what her findings are and the next steps, even if it’s to avoid lash extensions altogether.

  9. Driven. This is the part where your lash tech is always talking about the trends and the styles. Going on and on about the new best thing and the greatest trick to getting your lashes to last you even longer (maybe an after service lash bath?) Whatever it is, if your lash technician is always advancing, continuing her education, going to tradeshows, seminars and listening to webinars, chances are, you've found the one!

  10. Problem Solver. In any business issues arise. Scheduling issues. Rescheduling issues. Style issues. Makeup issues. Sleeping issues. Bathing issues. Whatever your lash issue your soulmate lash tech will have your back!

  11. Great Listener. This is a place where you can't relax and talk your stress away. A good lash tech is really a therapist with hands of a surgeon and eyes of an eagle.

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