Cleaning Your Lash Extensions

Updated: Jan 5

Lash Extensions, as you probably already know, are weightless, damage free faux eyelashes applied one at a time, and one of the best ways to enhance your eyes without the daily mascara workout.

Once you got those babies on your eyeballs you are going to want to make sure that they last you a nice long time. After all, we want to make the most of our investment. Plus, no one wants to pay $$$ to look raggedy, right? And one of the best ways you can ensure that your Lash Extensions will last you the longest possible time is, you guessed it -- keeping your Lash Extensions clean!

To some, this seems like a no brainer. To others a whole new world. Why? Well, for one, misrepresentation of Lash Extension facts like when lash artists tell their clients not to get their newly applied Lash Extensions wet or, worse yet, not to wash them, like, ever! EW.

Others still, want to be SO gentle around their lashes that they think that if they don't breathe on them, the lashes will last longer. That's a common misconception, because once your natural lash is ready to come out there really is nothing you (or I for that matter) can do about it. Same way, the natural lashes that are bulbous at the root (live lashes) will likely stay put with even thorough lash bath.

So, let's talk about the lash bath itself.

If you are new to lash extensions or you are upgrading to a lash tech that enforces cleanliness (me, lol) you might be in a fog of exactly what you need and how to do it. Don't worry. I am going to cover all of this below. Ready? Let's get clean!

What you'll need

  • clean mascara wand

  • shampoo formulated for lash extensions preferably in a foam bottle

  • lash extension shampoo brush (or the flex tip applicators by Xtreme Lashes from Amazon)

  • squirt bottle (optional) I use this one when you are here at Fox

  • soft facial microfiber towel or paper towel (I love these for their softness and perfect gray, lol)

  • small fan or blowdryer (optional) obsessed with this one that's perfect for hot days too


  1. wash your hands thoroughly

  2. wet your lashes (I suggest washing one eye at a time for the cleanest lash line) with warm water

  3. put 1-2 foam pumps of lash extension shampoo into the palm of your hand

  4. with the shampoo brush scoop a generous amount of the foam onto the brush tip and apply across the eye along the lash root and lid area

  5. make small circles with the brush working your way from the inner corner to the outer and then back again

  6. now, swipe the shampoo brush from root to tip of your lashes as if you're brushing them

  7. make small circles along the lid area to stimulate it for strong lash growth

  8. using the squirt bottle, rinse the lid and lash area thoroughly

  9. blot the lashes with a towel to dry the eyelids and lashes

  10. use the mascara wand to brush first with the eye closed to line up the lashes straight, then with eye open to fluff them up.

Optional: use a fan or a blowdryer on cool setting (never ever hot) to dry your lashes and give them a nice fluff from the bottom. I really like this one from Amazon:

That's it. You now have the cleanest lashes on the block that will last you as long as humanly possible! Tip: when you care your lash extensions in this way, your natural lashes benefit big time!

In Summary

Washing your Lash Extensions ensures that they last you the longest time, keep icky diseases at bay, and stimulate strong natural lash growth!

Your Turn

Have you washed your Lash Extensions today? Leave a comment below because I can't wait to find out!

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