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Lash FAQ


Lash extensions are high quality synthetic or natural lashes that are applied to your natural lashes one-by-one. The various lengths, curls, thicknesses and even colored lashes help create the perfectly dense lash look while keeping your natural lashes healthy and strong. They are smudge-proof, sweat-proof and cry proof. They will show up to your big even immaculate, go on the perfect smear-free vacation, and make your mornings an absolute breeze - just grab coffee, a bit of a lip and your set! 


We are well versed in the lash extension industry and thoroughly know everything there is to know about hair anatomy and growth cycles, physiology and histology of the skin, proper lash health, precise lash isolation. With every single one of her natural lashes in mind our lash extension selection will allow your natural lashes to thrive allowing you to have the healthiest, most beautiful, luscious, and dark lash extensions.


As life turns so does the workings of our magical machines -- our bodies. The second you step out of your appointment your lashes are going through their lifecycle and so will continue for as long as we are alive. With that said, it's important that you keep in mind that it is absolutely natural and normal to lose 1-5 lashes per eye (2-10 per day). That fact establishes our recommendation of getting your lash extensions filled in every 2-3 weeks as you prefer. How often you come in depends on your fullness preference, your skins sebum (oil) production, hair growth rate, your lifestyle (sweating, steaming, rubbing, sleeping, makeup routine, skin products used), medication taken, etc.


Often times, lash extensions are sought for their amazing ability to give you that perfectly applied mascara look along with an eyeliner effect (depending on the set and style) so makeup, generally, will deem unnecessary in our life after extensions. However, if you still feel like you might want to dabble in the makeup world after getting your extensions, we are happy to tell you that so long as your eye makeup is oil-free and water based (not waterproof) you should be good to go. If you're interested in purchasing lash extension safe mascara or eyeliner products we are happy to help!


With our strict attention to the health of your natural lashes our techs are trained in the art of preserving the health and integrity of your natural lash. When applied in such a manner, your lash extensions feel feather light and completely comfortable. The actual lash extension process is so pleasant that you'll zen away in no time to wake up to the beautifully defined YOU.


Cleaning and brushing your lashes are very important for the health of your natural lashes and the gorgeous look of your lash extensions. At the end of your first set appointment you will take home everything you need to care for your new lash extensions (wash, cleansing brush, brush wand). You will use this kit to cleanse your lashes in the morning and before bed. At the end of each service you also will be provided with a complimentary lash brush so you always have a way to brush and maintain your lashes throughout the day. Remember, the more you cleanse and brush them the fresher they'll look and give you the best possible length of wear. You will be given detailed mini-lesson on caring for and cleansing your lashes at the when you get your first set including what products are safe, which to throw away, and which you need asap is you want to take your natural lashes up a notch (the more lashes you have the more lashes we lash). We'll also tell you the no-no's of your new lash extensions and the things that can make them last for weeks! Secretes within! ;)


We are proud to be the top lash techs in the Monmouth County area with your natural lash health as our top-most priority. As passionate, skilled, and licensed estheticians and lash artists we pride ourselves on our determination to provide you with the safest, kindest (vegan and cruelty-free), and most beautiful lashes. We are sticklers for ongoing education and take several lash courses a year to keep our skills sharp and your eyes superbly fashioned. The services that you'll experience only at Fox Theory will not only take over all over senses transforming you somewhere else entirely for an hour or so, but, they are done with impeccable attention to detail in our bright and clean private suites with total and utmost knowledge of the service from sterility to application to home care instructions. Once you are done with your appointment Our lash techs make sure that each client feels like they are always taken care of by being only a click away. Check out the Fox Theory Experience.

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