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Brow FAQ

What is the difference between brow tint and henna?

How often should I see my brow specialist?

What color should my eyebrows be?

Why should I choose Fox Theory?


Eyebrow tint is a gentle hair dye used to thicken up and shape your brows leaving your scrawny and sparse lashes in the dust. This quick process is safe and an excellent way to ease your morning routine allowing you to quickly and effortlessly to fill in your brows until the color wears off on its own.

Henna tint is a natural dye made from a plant known as Hina or Henna Tree. It's been used for beauty since we've walked like Egyptians and it's use has widened in the beauty industry. We especially love it for the purpose of tinting thin, sparse brows. Henna works differently from the traditional eyebrow dye in a way that it stains the skin along with the hair creating the illusion of fullness and depth to your eyebrows and visually filling in any gaps left by aging or over-plucking. 


While every body wears the tint and Henna differently (skin type, oil production, makeup routine, cleaning routine, etc...), our brow specialists recommend getting your eyebrows touched up every 3 weeks for tint and every 4-6 weeks for Henna.


Eyebrows that are full and gorgeous help add depth to your face making your age nothing but a number. As we age, our hair becomes thinner and sparse making our eyebrows almost non existent. It's one of the first things to age us before our time. Our brow specialists know just how to frame your face without secret 1-2-3 formula. For a natural and defined look we recommend that you choose your eyebrow color to match the darkest shade found in your hair. This will provide the most natural and beautifully shaped look for your everyday wear. If you are looking for more depth and dimension use a shade or two darker than the darkest color found in your hair. 


We are proud to be the #1 brow specialists in the Monmouth County area with your natural brow health and shape as our top-most priority. As passionate, skilled, and licensed estheticians and brow specialists we pride ourselves on our determination to provide you with the safest, kindest (vegan and cruelty-free), and most beautiful brows. We are sticklers for following the latest (and healthiest) trends and take several brow courses a year to keep our skills sharp and your eyebrows superbly sculpted. The services that you'll experience only at Fox Theory will not only take over all over senses transforming you somewhere else entirely, but, they are done with impeccable attention to detail in our bright and clean private suites with total and utmost knowledge of the service from sterility to application to home care instructions. Once you are done with your appointment Our brow specialists make sure that each client feels like they are always taken care of by being only a click away. Check out the Fox Theory Experience.

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