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Valentina founded Fox Theory Spa to bring integrity, ethics, and opulence to the lash, skin and brow industry. With intense focus on continued education, high quality products, and a customer service driven services clients walk away feeling like the queens and kings that they are. No more wondering if your lashes will get damaged (they won't, in fact, they'll get even better with time). Forget the facials that bring no results. And say goodbye to eyebrows that are thin and sad. 

The experts at Fox Theory Spa create breathtaking lash extensions while maintaining your natural lash health, result driven facial treatments, and feature balancing, sculpted eyebrows will have you coming back again and again.


Now, the women of Monmouth county can have 100% non-damaging lash extensions for years and wake up looking and feeling ready and alert while making their morning makeup routine an effortless one.



Our Foxes also enjoy fabulously glowing skin that makes their face look youthful and vibrant by taking advantage of our tailored facial treatments.



Finish all of this off with feature balancing killer brows and you won't need another thing to look your best confident self! 


Our ethics don't just stop at keeping the integrity of your lashes intact or providing you with real and lasting skin results. We work hard to make our Foxes just that - foxy! But, we do so with the environment in mind and respect for our planet and the living things on it.


Every service is carefully planned to ensure luxury and promote conservation and humanitarianism, and compassion for our planet and its inhabitants. With those goals in mind we strive to find ways to conserve water, energy, and disposable materials.


We also pride ourselves in using sustainably sourced and renewable materials and build  partnerships with people and companies that believe in the same. Our high quality products are always cruelty-free because no animal should suffer in the name of lash adhesive.  

We've set a high bar in the lash, skin and brow game around here. We do so in hopes that many who are in or just embarking on this exiting career set the same bar and achieve their wildest dreams in this incredibly rewarding industry.


Now.... It's time YOU come and experience for yourself why Fox Theory is top standard in the beauty and esthetics world.

"I get to make women fall in love with themselves every day! And that makes me love what I do."

- Valentina

Founder of Fox Theory

Now that you know what we're all about,
where would you like to go next?
Still not sure? We are here to help women answer ALL of their lash, skin and eyebrow questions so, please follow this link to our Contact Page so we can better assist you on your journey to healthy lashes, youthful skin, and shapely brows.
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